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High construction quality – Durability over time!

Our company is specialized in all types of metal constructions, and is addressed to individuals and professionals/constructors. In the context of metal constructions, we undertake from the production to the installation of equipment in residences and professional spaces.


At Metal Construction we also undertake the construction of commercial, metal and industrial health-regulated establishments. Our composite constructions provide seismic shielding, because they are based on a modern way of building, with metal elements of advanced construction technology. With the contribution of specialized construction consultants-civil engineers of our company- we provide excellent quality in the completion of our projects, and guarantee their absolute safety.


Contact our company for a wide range of metal constructions, such as:


  • prefab/relocatable buildings (residences, shops)
  • metal railings
  • iron works
  • Laser cuts/press-brakes/cylinders
  • metal stairs
  • panel partitions
  • metal supports
  • metal bars
  • steel pergolas
  • metal decorations
  • metal balconies
  • industrial mezzanines


Our many years of experience and our know-how guarantee the provision of a wide range of metal and stainless constructions, with durability over time! Our company always invests in the high technology of its mechanical equipment, therefore every construction we perform meets high quality standards.


With the help of the impeccable technical training of our staff, we provide complete solutions and proposals in the sector of metal constructions. At Metal Construction, we consider as absolute priority the provision of excellent services to our customers, while being also distinguished for our competitive prices!

Contact the company Metal Construction, in Athens, for high quality metal constructions & aesthetics!