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Construction & Placement

In the context of our services, at Metal Construction, we provide and place garage doors and roller shutters of an excellent quality. Our specialized staff can propose you the ideal garage door for your space, so that it can properly fit its special features and meet your needs.


With responsibility and excellent professionalism, we provide to our customers garage doors which are distinguished for their innovative technology. Our concern is, always, to provide the best possible services to our customers who trust our company.


Contact Metal Construction, in Athens, for:


  • Home garage doors
  • Sliding/hinged garage doors
  • Folding/one piece garage doors
  • Roof garage doors
  • Industrial garage doors
  • Mechanisms for garage doors
  • Sliding/hinged gates
  • Roller shutters for residences and stores
  • Metal roller shutters
  • Roller shutters of galvanized steel profile
  • Roller shutters of extruded aluminum profile
  • Roller shutters of special polycarbonate material
  • Industrial roller shutters
  • Fire resistant roller shutters


We undertake the construction and placement of roller shutters and garage doors that vary in their construction material. We guarantee for their high aesthetics and perfect fit. We always propose to the customer the appropriate construction for their space, for its best use and their optimal convenience.


The high quality and perfect results of the services we provide, the timely delivery of our products within the agreed timeframe and our competitive prices establish long-term partnership relations with our customers.

Contact Metal Construction for high quality garage doors and shutters!