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High quality - Wide variety of designs

At our company you will also find branded armored doors, in a wide variety of proposed designs. We cooperate with all large firms, which offer excellent construction quality, a wide variety and a guarantee on their products. We are always looking for the most advanced technologies in order to provide the best possible services to the customers that trust us.


At Metal Construction you will find:

  • Armored doors of all types
  • Clad doors
  • Pantograph doors – in a wide variety of colors and designs
  • Laminate flat doors
  • Laminate doors with Inox
  • Armored aluminum doors
  • Security PVC doors
  • Doors with lacquer coating – wood cladding – natural veneer cladding
  • Doors with marine plywood cladding
  • Glass doors
  • Lacquered doors


Modern or classic security doors,

which offer soundproofing and heat insulation!


We provide a wide range of models of different characteristics, in order to satisfy every need. We support technically all security doors with reliability and with the aid of our know-how. The security doors and locks are accompanied by the latest anti-burglary, soundproofing and heat insulation certifications!


We provide armored doors which are distinguished for their durability over time, while being able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Visit us and choose the door you like! Doors of unique aesthetics, which cover your needs for anti-burglary protection, as they are manufactured based on modern anti-burglary standards.

Contact the Metal Construction company, for branded armored doors of high standards!