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Welcome to the web page of the company Metal Construction, which is successfully active in metal constructions and is based in Athens.


More particularly, our company Metal Construction, with TIN:136960269, is active in the production and placement of equipment in residential and professional spaces. We focus on individuals and professionals – constructors and always take care to establish and maintain a flawless cooperation with all our customers!


At our company headquarters, in the area of Acharnes our department of production is also located, where the appropriate preparation of the products is performed by specialized craftsmen, who work to achieve the quality policy of our company in all types of goods and services it provides. The management offices are housed in the same space, including the main sales department of Metal Construction.


Having as main field of activity metal constructions, aluminum constructions, glass constructions and the complete renovation of spaces, our company is distinguished for the provision of high quality services! At Metal Construction we work with passion and aided by our impeccable technical training, being constantly updated about new technical advances.

Metal Construction upgrades and develops both its products, and its services to the public.

  • with an approach of responsibility and seriousness
  • with the high construction quality of its products
  • with installation by its own specialized crews
  • with technical support on an ongoing basis
  • with consistency in the production and delivery times of the products

The goods that our company places on the market, today, are the following:


  • External aluminum door and window frames (full range)
  • Glass panes
  • Etalbond, Exalcobond
  • Garage doors
  • Railings
  • Mezzanines
  • Glazing
  • Plasterboards

Metal Construction, wishing to contribute to the quality of the constructions that meet all the modern needs of our times, applies a quality policy to all the products and services it provides:


  • with the visit of a specialized consultant at the customer’s premises
  • with a clear and legible offer and terms of agreement
  • with the measurement of each construction by a technician of the company
  • with solutions and proposals for your project
  • with ongoing technical support
  • with flexible payment arrangements
  • with the delivery of the products at your space, by means of the company
  • with installation at the time you wish
  • with the project being carried out by technicians of the company
  • with inspection of the products after their installation
  • with a good performance guarantee
  • with after sales support


The above procedures establish and guarantee a healthy bond between our customers and our company, resulting in a long-term cooperation.

Actions for a successful cooperation

Visit of a specialized consultant at the customer’s premises
Measurement of each construction by a technician of the company
Clear and legible offer and terms of agreement
Solutions and proposals for your project

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